OPEC You need to tell USA to open all Toll road to every one Free of Charge and close entire accounts that pre-charged by USA abusive public office, because you will not allow anyone to sell gasolin or to provide gasolin in any city, any county, any individual State that have toll road to build up to divide people who cannot afford to pay Chinese said "Gwall.Look.Fat", government abused the public power to act worse than 宜蘭民宿 real mob must be killed immediately not mention to allow them to use your gasolin to enlarge their fat head, slaves, underground chained slavery terrors pockets.You need to tell Israel (You need do the kill openly and tell Americans that you are just doing the duty that Chinese said "Tea.Ten.Sin.Dow" like Sun kills the germs for all a 室內裝潢nimals that must rely on the earth to get a life.) to bomb all Toll Road office and to kill all Toll Road workers, and to bomb all toll road pieces away to make sure they do the duty of God people (God elected people does not do the duty to kill, must die on the cross like Jesus Chris <He should have had killed those evil doers who committed "sold and bu 房地產y" crimes in his church site instead of violently knocked down and left those lifeless table ##That may explain how come there was once the Ghost made me to kicked my desk down when I was seven or eight or nine grader in a quiet class self study time, {I remember I was sort of mad myself could not solve a problem as I like, then suddenly my desk was kicked down by my feet, it 景觀設計was too noisy to be ignored in that quiet class time, then I heard "Golf.Chyuan.Zhi" he later art named as 張國榮 scorned me, but I don't remember what words he used on me.} to show you that is the bottom line you may tool that lifeless table that used by you harmlessly to release your desperate helpless moment like those tennis players to throw own tennis racket, like those NBA players to press t 烤肉hat basketball to release self desperate mad about self imperfect made.## behind like mindless madness sucks, that how he deserved be sold and bought to get into that cross point.> showed or hung like Sadam, then turn into the form of Dog to hunt for hunters. I am a woman not the Image of God, therefore, I can only be voiced by the HolyGhost.) to guard people's Free right. You need to kill any business owner, any pu 酒店打工blic office, anyone, that bank account has cash more than one week needed (That how all Toll Road office workers must be killed immediately. That how all USA government workers must be killed immediately. That how all Lexus workers and owners except me <Because I am the only one refused to social with any Lexus workers.>must be killed. That how all Insurance company workers must be killed immediately. Because they all must have more than o seone week needed cash on bank, and they all have committed social lies with each other, not only during working time, but also in their own workers events like so called Christman Party. That how you need do the duty to kill all Consolidated Management workers and Memorial Northwest HOA volunteer team and all Memorial Northwest subdivision residents who not only illegally voted bought Memorial Northwest Raquet Club House illegally, but also committed abused residents 酒店兼職public fund to gain and gang their social lies. ), unless that business owner and all his slaves, that public office head and all that office workers, that anyone, live the life style like me not ever have had fun for selfish down (Because all my imperfect made for you to see what the bottom line is your last hold, below that line you must have no returning point.), not ever willing to have social lie (You can lie, only someone invades into your needed rely; that how you can lie when s G2000omeone calling you or knocking your door to make forceful sell or buy. Because you have to be a good coward in order for HolyGhost can be compitable and communicate to you. That how the Ghost made me lie to Angus Tung with the name of ChuChaoRen instead of Danny Lain when Angus Tung suddenly appearing in front of my personal room then immediately I heard Danny Lain calling me down stairs.) . .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 宜蘭民宿  .
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